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What is PotCoin?

PotCoin (code: POT) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which exists with the aim of becoming the standard form of payment for the legalized cannabis industry. PotCoin is an open source software project released under the MIT/X11 license and was technically nearly identical to Litecoin until August 23, 2015, when Potcoin changed to Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV) similar to Reddcoin. PotCoin is not managed by any central authority and provides a decentralized solution for the transfer of value. As of August 2014, PotCoin has received mainstream media coverage from agencies such as Fox Business, Vice, and TechCrunch.

Recent Payouts

Date Address Reward
2019-02-15 20:46:42
6652287 satoshi
2019-02-15 20:37:18
6639392 satoshi
2019-02-15 20:27:12
6644799 satoshi
2019-02-15 20:13:33
6656605 satoshi
2019-02-15 20:12:05
6656794 satoshi
2019-02-15 20:08:07
6656540 satoshi
2019-02-15 20:00:48
6647820 satoshi
2019-02-15 19:58:32
6660454 satoshi
2019-02-15 19:51:30
6647073 satoshi
2019-02-15 19:51:01
6647073 satoshi