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Install the CryptoTab browser®️ and take advantage of increased mining speed combined with the familiar interface and functionality of Chrome. I have been using and promoting this service for a couple years and have earned 0.01991963 BTC as of Feb 16, 2021.

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Recent Payouts

User Reward Date
0xf58eCCD881F69c2BfB02c63D60F0fb421Ad1C62210 satoshi2021-04-13 22:58:15
0x0e71b24b106f297db80085a530595bd581833bc610 satoshi2021-04-13 22:57:52
0x9196C6bBf643d85F6BEBf10d60Df25e2a9FFCA4410 satoshi2021-04-13 22:55:45
1BABewYiyrxtquUrLnzPFzMR1WXVpM237u10 satoshi2021-04-13 22:55:15
1LuQQ91C3fqErJY6q8TGMfGrxL762UuETF10 satoshi2021-04-13 22:53:22
0x68755fE5A23956B96FdEC9Ee57C103c54205FF2e10 satoshi2021-04-13 22:52:31
0x53929d6ab5269558772951103d36e611c77511aa10 satoshi2021-04-13 22:52:13
0xf0894b7AcA5be897f2964679B47df813eB44896d10 satoshi2021-04-13 22:51:44
0x65EF15ba209e418F83481E1F3CBD2172E3297d7110 satoshi2021-04-13 22:49:00
0xFEe1B5a18a3AffFc02712A047F20762a261Dc72510 satoshi2021-04-13 22:48:27