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Install the CryptoTab browser®️ and take advantage of increased mining speed combined with the familiar interface and functionality of Chrome. I have been using and promoting this service for a couple years and have earned 0.01991963 BTC as of Feb 16, 2021.

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Recent Payouts

User Reward Date
164SBQ9SJRMboAmKYMrJxG8MPEs9Zvnnu310 satoshi2021-04-13 22:42:53
0xC8f55c974a65aa4dfe169DDBb4cCacE9c4a307d010 satoshi2021-04-13 22:42:36
0x9196C6bBf643d85F6BEBf10d60Df25e2a9FFCA4410 satoshi2021-04-13 22:40:18
0x31349bF9E855Eaa517BCb8d642c2ed5E770cCAa410 satoshi2021-04-13 22:39:39
0xE451504618f154715C129000F8F026BDbbDb6B4c10 satoshi2021-04-13 22:38:55
0x2Bb4d21082861728611a7834C4Bb50381367dE4D10 satoshi2021-04-13 22:38:46
0x6B516B08e89b54a572932cDFF388B2BBee15929a10 satoshi2021-04-13 22:35:15
1P8dSA94jjhs1CbuKRAxRPCC8GqqEPCEzz10 satoshi2021-04-13 22:35:09
bc1qn2g9jv9jf7q4lsvrhe0qj7c5yystg5fpkfdfhe10 satoshi2021-04-13 22:34:57
0x6712958B7B9378428eC0c381896bCC2aB2d0d3E810 satoshi2021-04-13 22:34:30